IOP Structural Condensed Matter Physics Group

The Physical Crystallography Group was formed in 1943 as the X-ray Analysis Group of The Institute of Physics and is now a joint group of The Institute of Physics and the British Crystallographic Association.

The Group was renamed the Structural Condensed Matter Physics Group in 1999, to reflect the wider scope of its subject area within the physics community. The Group is concerned with both the theory and practical applications of crystallography. It usually organizes two conferences a year, one of which is part of the Spring meeting of the British Crystallographic Association. Since crystallography is an interdisciplinary subject and impinges on many fields of scientific work, these conferences cover a very wide range of topics. In recent years they have dealt with magnetism, diffuse scattering, incommensurate and modulated phases and physical properties and their relationship to crystal growth. Some of these conferences have been organized in association with other Groups and societies and the Group actively encourages contact and collaboration with societies and Groups that have related interests.

The Physical Crystallography Group played a major role in the formation in 1982 of the British Crystallographic Association which provides a focus for the exchange of ideas between people from a wide range of disciplines and represents the interests of the crystallographic community nationally. Crystallography News, a magazine produced by the British Crystallographic Association, is circulated to all members four times a year.

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