IOP Low Temperature Group

The Low Temperature Group was founded in 1945, and is concerned by a wide variety of topics linked by the common theme of low temperature physics.

These topics include:

  • Superfluidity
  • Superconductivity
  • The techniques relevant to the production and maintenance of low temperatures
  • Thermometry
  • Milli-Kelvin and micro-Kelvin techniques
  • The study of the electrical, thermal, magnetic and mechanical properties of solids and fluids at low temperatures

The Group also has interests in systems operating at low temperatures - for example, infrared detectors, devices based on the Josephson effect, cryopumps and superconducting magnets.

The Group maintains close links with the Superconductivity Group.

The Group is also responsible for the award of the Simon Memorial Prize which was established in 1956 to mark the outstanding work of Sir Francis Simon who was a key figure among those who founded the Group. It is given every two or three years for distinguished work in experimental or theoretical low temperature physics.

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [closed]:

30 April 2019

Poster abstract submission [extended]:

31 May 2019

Early registration deadline [extended]:

31 May 2019

Registration deadline:

22 June 2019