Organising committees

Local organising committee

The local organising committee is affiliated with the University of St Andrews. 

Peter Wahl

Bernd Braunecker

Chris Hooley

Phil King

Stephen Lee

Hamid Ohadi

Andreas Rost


Programme committee

Chris Bell, University of Bristol, UK

Des McMorrow, University College London, UK

Elizabeth Blackburn, Lund University, Sweden

Nigel Hussey, Radboud University, The Netherlands

Maurice Skolnick, University of Sheffield, UK

Judith Driscoll, University of Cambridge, UK

Amalia Coldea, University of Oxford, UK

Alex Gibbs, STFC, UK

Stephen Blundell, University of Oxford, UK

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [closed]:

30 April 2019

Poster abstract submission [extended]:

31 May 2019

Early registration deadline [extended]:

31 May 2019

Registration deadline:

22 June 2019